Author Kassandra Cox

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Thanksgiving Memories

By Kassandra Cox

The aroma of fresh baked pies filtered throughout the house as Mary prepared for the feast she was planning the following day.  She loved Thanksgiving.  Most people had a favorite holiday and it was usually Christmas or Halloween, maybe even Fourth of July, but hers was and always had been Thanksgiving.  From the time she’d been a young girl, her mother had always made it special and it was a day filled with family, friends and love.  She’d carried her mother’s enjoyment of the holiday and the traditions she’d grown up with into her family.  Each year she started the day before with home baked pies.  She always baked apple, pumpkin and one ‘other’ pie.  The third was whatever struck her fancy or perhaps the favorite of that year’s guests.

After the pies were baked, she prepared the house and laid the table.  A small floral centerpiece bursting with gold, burgundy and yellow mums was the norm and she had found one at the florists this year that was just perfect.  Of course, on the walnut side table, next to the freshly baked pies was ‘The Book’.  She wasn’t sure if they were on their fourth or fifth book, but either way, they’d become treasures fraught with memories and infused with the spirit of all of the Thanksgivings she’d celebrated.  They’d go to her children to continue as her mother’s books had come to her.  In them, each year she had everyone sign them adding the one thing they were most grateful for each year. Lifting the books from the drawer, she settled in to read…to remember.

Paging backward, she glanced over last year’s entries, and the year before and the year before that. Running her fingers over the ink on that page she recalled that it was her last year with her beloved Roger. He’d been a wonderful husband and father and she cherished every moment of their forty two year marriage. His writing was shaky…his last entry into the book. He hadn’t lived but another few months past Thanksgiving and Christmas. Closing her eyes, she recalled their first Thanksgiving together.


They’d only been married about a month. Their anniversary had been in October, one of her favorite months. As newlyweds, they’d gone to her parents for the holiday and Roger, of course had been on his best behavior, wanting to make a good impression on his new in-laws. She, on the other hand, had been feeling playful and did her best throughout the meal to tease him mercilessly. It had been a large gathering with aunts, uncles, cousins and family friends. She could see the table laid out with the autumn gold cloth and napkins, topped with her mother’s finest china. It was white with a fine gold rim. The silver had been polished and laid out perfectly. Off to the side was the pie table with the little floral centerpiece and the book. She couldn’t recall what they’d written that year. Perhaps after Thanksgiving this year, she’d pull out some of the older books and have a read through. That always warmed her soul.

She did recall, slipping off her shoe and sliding her toes up his pants leg, causing him to practically spew a mouthful of mashed potatoes across the room. The calm serene look on her face never left it as she toyed with her husband. Dropping her napkin and bending down to get it, she nipped his thigh through his slacks. While they had their pie, she slipped her hand into his lap and stroked him through his trousers until his poor cock was straining against the zipper. She’d played a host of other little teases and by the end of the evening; he had that gleam in his eye. Oh, she’d known exactly what she was doing and precisely what was in store.

They’d barely made it in the door, when his masterful voice rang out with a growl. “Strip!” he’d ordered and there in their foyer, she quickly shed her clothes and knelt, at his mercy. With that heart and panty melting grin that she loved so much, he’d shrugged out of his own clothes and moved to the sofa.

“Across my knee, baby doll. Someone needs a lesson for teasing Master when he can’t do anything about it.” Roger chuckled darkly, amusement filtering through his voice.

Eagerly sliding across his lap, her body already ripe for his attentions, she had moaned softly as his calloused hand ran over her tender skin, letting her know in no uncertain terms who she belonged to body, mind and soul. That first slap brought a gasp from her lips and a flood from her core. Closing her eyes, she remembered so clearly, the sting, the glorious warmth as it spread through her reddening bottom. A half dozen swats had her shaking with need, his hard shaft pressing into her belly letting her know his desire matched hers.

After tugging and positioning her so that she was upright and straddling his lap, his deep brown eyes met hers.

“Ride me, baby. Show me how much you want me. No coming until I say, though.”

With a whispered, “Yes, Sir,” she took his rigid shaft in her hand, pressed the tip to her heat and sank down, taking him deep into her body in one swift move. He’d thrust upward to give her that extra inch. “Oh, God, Master…” Roger’s hands instantly moved to grip her hips, helping her to set the pace. Her smaller hands rested on his broad shoulders as she bounced up and down. In minutes she was quivering with the need to come. Roger’s body was tense as well and with a sharp pinch to her nipples, he barked out the command to come. Instantly, her body flew free, and delightful convulsions matched his as he filled her with his burning seed. Clinging to her master, she lay on him, smiling, their bodies and hearts entwined.


Looking down, she realized she still had the book in her hands. Taking a pen she decided to write the first entry for 2013. “I’m grateful to have been blessed with the most magical forty two years of marriage to Roger and to be surrounded today by my children and grandchildren…Mary Louise Arden”

Kassandra Cox

October 25, 2013

One Moment More

Marissa loved the crisp cool late October air that surrounded her and seemed to permeate every cell of her body. She enjoyed wrapping herself in a blanket and gazing at the leaves as they fell to the ground in an explosion of color. Reds, golds, and maroons all coating the lawn under the umbrella of mature trees peppering the property. With her work done for the week, she was settled on the white painted wooden porch swing which hung in the corner of the lovely front veranda on the stately house she and Matt purchased not too many years ago. Smiling as she surveyed the area around her, Marissa pulled the navy chenille blanket closer letting it warm her slightly. The sun was just beginning to set and the sky was painted with mauve, orange and a hint of purple. So many times she’d watched the day turn into night from this very spot.

In early days, she and Matt would sit together, unwinding after a long day. Sometimes they’d sit in companionable silence, just basking in their love and each other’s presence. Other times, they’d talk endlessly about the future, their plans, hopes and dreams. When he’d been ill, she sometimes came here to find her strength and balance. Now, almost a year after his passing, she came to remember, to heal and to look to her future as she knew he would have wanted.

Halloween was right around the corner and the property was showing all of the signs. Always her favorite holiday, she decorated extensively, her front yard converted to a makeshift graveyard with faux tombstones captioned with fun epitaphs, like ‘Frank N. Stein’, ‘Ima Goner’, ‘Cee U Again’ and a few witty sayings. Oh how she and Matt laughed when they’d painted them imagining showing the lovingly crafted props to their own children one day. Sadly, she knew that was no longer a possibility. Taken long before his time, Matt wouldn’t have wanted her to dwell on that. Turning her attention once again to the festive decorations, she smiled at the cobwebs she’d hung everywhere on the porch beams and the witches, ghosts, goblins and bats so carefully placed.

The sky had darkened while she enjoyed the seasonably cool evening, the gentle sway of the swing soothing to her as she let her mind continue to wander. Looking up into the heavens, she could see bats flying freely in erratic circles. They never bothered her, she thought them amusing and they never came all that close. It was almost hypnotic, the rocking and the flight of the small creatures above. A crisp night breeze shook her from her thoughts and sent a shiver through her. Not ready to leave her special spot, she once again pulled the blanket tighter around her slender body and brought her feet up onto the seat curling herself fully under the warm chenille.

Without her foot guiding the swing, she made gently shifts with her body to keep the momentum. It felt nice, the rocking motion, and being cocooned in the soft navy wrap. Closing her eyes briefly, she let the cool air wash over her. Breathing deeply, she inhaled the faint scent of neighbors’ fireplaces or leaves burning in the distance. She loved that smoke laden aroma; it was one of her favorites. The lids of her eyes felt heavy, and she struggled to open them. Her limbs felt leaden as well in a pleasant sort of way. Drifting into that pleasurable state between sleep and wakefulness, she stilled and allowed the gently breeze to sway her almost undetectably.

Matt’s handsome face filled her mind, wearing the familiar easy going smile that stilled her heart on more occasions than she could count. In her vision, he was vibrant and healthy. Her breathing quickened as it always had when she saw her love. She felt the gentlest touch, like gossamer strands tickling her face as familiar lips pressed tightly to hers for just a moment. His scent filled her nostrils and tingles ran through her body, setting it alight with the deepest joy.

“Matty…,” she whispered softly, tears squeezing out of the corners of her eyes. “I’ve missed you so much. You’re my world; I don’t think I can go on without you.”

The reply filled her brain more than her ears, but it was clear nonetheless. “My darling Rissa. I’m here. Always.” A feather touch lit on her breast just above her heart. “I’m here in side you always, in every memory, every smile, ever tear. Carry me in your heart, my love, but move ahead with life, with love. Fill our home with love and family like we always planned. Do it for me.”

Her stomach clenched and her heart leapt into her throat as she tried to grab hold of him, meeting nothing but air. She fought against the intrusion of awareness wanting to sink back into the place where Matt was, but to no avail. “Come back, Matty…I need you.” Tears fell rapidly and sobs wracked her body at the realization it had likely been just a dream. Staggering to her feet, she dropped the blanket and heard a sound as something metallic clattered on the wooden floor of the porch. Stepping back and bending down, she picked up the small key and pressed it to her lips her sobbing intensifying and her heart wanting to pound right out of her chest.

In her hand was the misplaced key to their lock box, the key to the box holding all of their special mementos; a dried flower or two, greeting cards, a special photo or two, ticket stubs, all of those little items she’d put away to spark the memories of special times. Dropping to her knees, she clutched it to her chest. She’d been given a gift tonight, more meaningful than any she could have hoped for. Not the key, not the memories, not even the kiss, but her dearest wish…one moment more.

September 27, 2013

A Second Chance

By Kassandra Cox

Autumn was Nina’s favorite season. She loved the colors, the crisp cool air, even the autumn scent that tantalized her senses. Breathing deeply, she slowed the pace of her walking as she let her eyes wander around the lush greenery in the park that was just beginning to bloom into a variety of gorgeous colors. Red and gold tones were emerging, and the trees were shedding their summer fullness. She loved this park and had so many lovely memories tucked away. A sad little smile tugged at her lips as she recalled the last time she’d been here with Josh, just a few weeks before she’d walked away.

He’d bought a huge Harley, never even mentioning it until he drove it home from the dealer one afternoon. That was fun-loving Josh for you. He was always looking for the next exciting adventure. She’d embraced his new toy and sat on the back time after time as they rode along the countryside. It had become their Sunday morning leisure activity, and on that one particular Sunday, he’d surprised her with a picnic in the park. That day had been magical; every moment of it and she recalled thinking that everything was right with her world. They’d visited their “special spot;” a secluded oasis, where they’d eaten, enjoyed a bottle of wine, and made love for hours. With a shiver, she recalled the way he’d ravished her body.

Not long after that lovely day, a stupid argument had gotten out of hand and ended things. Even after almost six months, she still ached for him. Time had given her a new perspective. She regretted that final argument, and even more, her exit from his life; their life together. All of their friends were settling down, and she wanted to as well. She’d known she was pushing him into something he wasn’t ready for, and she should have been satisfied with what they had until he was. But once she’d gotten started, she couldn’t seem to stop herself. She’d flounced away with all sorts of righteous indignation, even spurned his attempts to talk. God, what an idiot she was. She probably deserved the agony she’d been feeling this last year. A thousand times, she wanted to call him, but she didn’t. She waited for that next attempt from him that never came. Despair ripped through her, knowing that her temper and stubbornness ruined the best thing she’d ever had. Josh was probably blissfully happy now with someone else.

As she rounded the curve in the road, lost in deep thought, she felt the slight vibration at her feet and heard the rumble of a motorcycle approaching. Stopping to listen as she did each time she’d heard that sound over the last months, she cocked her head and strained to gauge its distance from her. Her heart squeezed with loss as she pictured her Josh astride the bike, his snug leathers encasing his firm body, his handsome face alight with joy from the thrill of the ride. As the rumble moved closer, she was unable to stop herself from turning to look. What she saw rooted her to the spot in a way that she had to lock her knees to keep from sinking to the gravel trail. For just a second, the lush greenery began to swirl around her as her mind struggled to engage. Oh God, please don’t let this be a dream, she thought as the one man she loved above all else slowed his bike and came to a stop, idling just a few feet away.

Her belly churned as he swung a leg over the huge, pristine Harley and moved in close. Without a word, he pulled her quivering body against his rock-hard one and claimed her mouth in a fiery kiss of complete possession. Melting into him, every cell in her body rejoiced, coming alive for the first time in what felt like forever. Clinging to him, she trembled as he whispered in her ear, “I should have done this six months ago, babe. I’m here now, though, and I’m not waiting another minute. If you have any objection, speak up, because you’re about to be claimed, love. Once I’m through with you, there won’t be any doubt that you belong to me and only me.”

Tears filled her eyes and sobs wracked her body as all of the pain of the last six months bled out of her. “Please, yes…,” she managed through a watery grin as he set her down. After shrugging out of his jacket, he laid it on the ground and gently lowered her on top of it. With a look of sheer possession in his heated gaze, he began to peel away her clothing until she lay there naked in the bright, late-morning sun. Shaking uncontrollably with relief and joy, every inch of her throbbed as he covered her and began to claim her with his lips and tongue. Beginning with her mouth, he pressed a light kiss on her parted lips with an intensely whispered, “MINE.” Gliding downward, his tongue trailed a path over her slender neck to her throbbing nipple, taking it gently between his teeth before sucking it deeply and moving to the other. With each touch, he reiterated his ownership. “Mine, Nina. Never forget it.”

Breathlessly, she replied each time. “Yours, Josh, only yours. Always.” His large palms on her spread thighs, he brought her to orgasm with his mouth before shifting his body between her legs and entering her still pulsing core with his thick shaft and driving them both into ecstasy.

Later, as she lay on his chest, content for the first time in a year, his arms circled her keeping her firmly in their safe, warm embrace as he whispered his love.  Turning her face to his, she replied. “I love you, Josh, always.  I’ll never leave you, unless you ask me to go.  I couldn’t.  You’re my heart and I wouldn’t get very far without it.”